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New Client | Educational Phone Chat

A 45 min call for new clients to discuss routine, settling & tips to achieve more sleep.

  • 99 Australian dollars

Package Inclusions

The perfect option to make tweaks or changes to your routine or settling. Receive some tips and advice to then implement in your own time. This is a great alternative if you are not needing a personalised plan or support, but can still receive detailed information in a call, specific to your Little Muffin and their sleep. Included: -45 min phone call to discuss what is happening; tips, routine & basic settling information provided -x1 follow up email to be used within 2 weeks of our call -Implement changes in your own time *Multiple children options available upon request *From 14 weeks of age *There is no add on support option for this package, it is purely an information call. If support is needed we would recommend our Phone Consult with Sleep Plan or Full Support Package. *This is not a sleep training package or plan. If there are more in depth issues a more 1:1 approach may be needed where we look into exactly what is happening day and night and address everything. If you're unsure book a Discovery Call and we can chat and make the right choice from there.*

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