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One Question Consult

Your niggling & quick question answered in one handy email!

  • 15 Australian dollars

Package Inclusions

Do you have that one question you can't quite work out, need a tweak to routine but not quite sure, a follow up question to previous support. Rather than need a full consult or call, book this amazing 'one question consult' and have an email response within 24 hrs. What!? Included: -Ask your question in the form upon booking and have your answer received by email within 24 hrs. -Choose a date and time to go through the process of finalising your booking. Note: date and time is irrelevant to this specific consult, you will have a response within 24 hrs of your original purchase, but to move through the booking system it is required. *One question per child, if multiple children, please purchase a consult per child *There is no add on support or plan option for this consult, it is purely a one question consult. If you have more than one question and need some routine/settling tweaks our Educational Call could be suitable OR if you need more in depth information and overview personalised to you and your bub with a plan or 1:1 support we would recommend our Phone Consult with Sleep Plan or Full Support Package. Not sure? Book a Discovery Call to see what option is right for you.

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