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Hello I'm Gabrielle!

A Certified Infant & Child Sleep Consultant with determination and a very clear passion of wanting to help people. As a mum of two, I know all too well how sleep deprivation can make you feel. Not to mention, the pressure of always wanting and needing to be the best version of ourselves as possible for our Little Muffins.
This is when my interest and passion for 'all things sleep' began - in 2017 when my first baby was born. Now, after 5 years of self findings and 7 months of official training and learning the scientific research behind sleep, to support my findings, I am honoured to be able to share this knowledge, experience and passion with you personally - assisting families achieve sleep goals worldwide.
Little Muffins is here to support, guide, reassure, advise and provide as much information as possible around sleep, nutrition, environment and many more aspects combined to achieve great, well-rested sleep. Cheering you on from the sideline as you implement your very own sleep training journey and achieving goals is so fulfilling as a consultant and I can not wait to be able to work with you -  to achieve more sleep for the whole family!

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