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A HEALTHY, SAFE sleep vaporiser/humidifier for all ages.

DESIGNED AND ENDORSED by Australian Sleep Consultants and Paediatric Specialists.

LOVED AND RECOMMENDED by parents and children.

BOOST immunity, mood and brain function.

IN SICKNESS AND HEALTH, year-round support for better health and improved sleep.



What's In the Hush Kit?

- 1 x Ultrasonic 24 Hour Cool Mist White Vaporiser (Inbuilt Sounds, Light, Speaker)

- 1 x 15ml Certified Organic Essential Oil Blend

- Decorative Removable Covers - Timber Cloud, Black Cloud, Timber Swish, Black Swish

- 1 x Remote Control


Unique 5-in-1 Functionality

Ultrasonic Vaporiser/Diffuser:  Keeps essential oils in their 100% purest form and is easily absorbed through the skin and breath, and inhaled into the limbic system.  The 'cool mist' technology produces no heat and no condensation and uses minimal water. The mist hydrates and purifies the air, up to 30sqm. Mist auto switch off when water low, whilst light and sound continue.

Air Purifier:  The ultrasonic oil diffuser releases negative ions, which produce electrostatic reactions with dust and impurities floating in the air, thereby purifying the air, removing allergens, stale air and odours.  Our essential oil blends also have antibacterial properties as they disperse into the air, which assist to cleanse and purify the air and rid of airborne bacteria.

Negative Ioniser:  Water vibrates at 2.4 million Hz/sec creating negative ions.  These disperse into the air and help remove dust, germs and bacteria, which assists breathing, improves sleeping and enhances general wellbeing. 

Light Therapy:  Multiple, optional light functions.  Low red light is recommended for maximum melatonin production.  Hush can also rotate through a rainbow of beautiful colours or the light can be completely switched off. Use one of the decorative covers (black or timber) to reduce light shine.

Sound Therapy: Babies, children and adults sleep better with soothing, consistent background noise, which plays for the duration of the sleep cycle. Choose from 4 inbuilt sounds 

- Rain, 

- Brown Noise, 

- Meditation Music, 

- Heartbeat/Shusher combo,

A range of volume, or connect via Bluetooth and play your favourite sounds via your smart device. Sound can be switched off completely if preferred. 

Snotty Noses 5 in 1 Vaporiser & White Noise Machine

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  • We've Thought of Everything for Good Health and Better Sleep

    - Cool mist vaporiser - stylish timber and white design.

    - Energy efficient, electric power

    - 300ml of water creates 12 hours constant mist/30 hours intermittent mist

    - Compact Design (24cm high/18cm diameter) 

    - Aromatherapy with 1 Organic Essential Oil included

    - Red Light/Mood Lights

    - Built-In Sound 

    - Bluetooth Speaker

    - Remote control (2 x AA)

    - 2 x Timber and Black covers - to suit every room in the house

    - Personalise Covers with your Child's Name (Use Whiteboard Marker)

    - Mist/Light/Sound features work independently - use all features or customise to suit


    Hush can assist with... 

    Restful Night Sleep

    Day Naps

    Positive Bedtime Routine  

    Falling Asleep  

    Deeper Sleep 

    Cold and Flu Symptoms 

    Separation Anxiety 



    Self Settling

    Early Risers  

    Sleep Regression

    Dry Skin, Nose and Mouth

    Drying Effects of A/C


    Fear of the dark

    Breathing & Respiratory Health

     Sinus and Allergy 



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